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Welcome to the Florida Weak Signal Society W4FWS

Promoting Weak Signal Operating on VHF, UHF, and Microwaves in the Southeast


FLWSS Email Reflector

*FLWSS Mailing List Information and Subscriptions

*New Member Information Flyer


Weekly FLWSS SSB Net

*  432.090MHz SSB Net every Thursday evening at 8:30pm EST, Rotating NCS

*  FT8 Activity Night 144.174 MHz Every Monday @ 2030 Eastern

*  East Coast 70cm Net every Wed. 9pm 432.090 W4DEX NCS


Coming VHF and Up Events

*  Next FLWSS Meeting will be TBD at this time


VHF/UHF/Microwave FLWSS Beacons

Operating in Florida

*  FT8 Operation - The FLWSS recommended frequencies for FT8 are: 50.313, 144.174, 222.174, 432.174, 1296.174 and 2304.174. These frequencies are used in Florida and the Southeastern United States. The higher microwave bands will all be at xxxx.174 MHz.


*  Dealing with the 420-450MHz 50W Power Limitation in Florida


*  New Analog Only Class for VHF-Up Contests


*  FLWSS hosted the 2013 SVHF Conference

*SVHF note from Merritt Island High School Stangsat Group


Propagation Quick Links

*  50 MHz Propagation Log

*  144 MHz Propagation Log

*  222 MHz Propagation Log

*  UHF Propagation Log

*  VHF DX Robot

*  VHF APRS Propagation Map

*JT65 Terrestrial Link

*  JT65 EME Link

*Ping Jockey Central


Florida Weather Related

*Hepburn Tropo Forecast

*  Unisys Weather

*  Current Central FL Weather Radar

*  FL GOES Satellite Thermal Image

*  National Hurricane Center

*  National Lightning Map


Other Links of Interest

*Trying to make a decision on that new 2M antenna?


*Rain Scatter

*Rain Scatter A Rainy Day Band


*Extreme Narrow Bandwidth Techniques


FLWSS Meetings and Projects

*  May 2005 Microwave Daze

*  Technical Presentations

*  Frequency Marker Project Documentation

*  Correction Notes


FLWSS Membership

*  FLWSS Constitution

*  FLWSS 2023 Official Contacts





Last updated June 29, 2023

FLWSS is an ARRL affiliated organization

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