[FLWSS] June Contest

n2cei at downeastmicrowave.com n2cei at downeastmicrowave.com
Thu Jun 5 15:10:44 EDT 2008

Hey Gang!
Great to see every one here in FL making plans! My schedual says I need to be up in NJ for the contest weekend. (yea, go figure! ) But if things change, I'll try to be on 6M, 1296, and 10 Ghz. Yea, it will be tough finding you guys without 2M but I'm working on it. (there's got to be a yagi around here some where! ) Got to finish everyones eles's stuff for the contest first!! Hey Joe! Worst case is if that spare 24 Ghz rig is still avaiable, I'll come down and light it up for you and George and bring the 1296 and 10 Ghz rigs to set up some where. 

All depends on the schedual.
AND-- If I get something on this Sunday morn, I will let WJ9B know.
Good luck everyone and have fun! 


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