[FLWSS] FLWS Meeting in August - Comments Wanted

Walter Dail K4HV kt4ja at cfl.rr.com
Fri Jun 20 17:55:36 EDT 2008


As you may know, we are having our next FLWSS meeting at K4RSV's QTH in
August on the first
weekend of the 10GHz Contest. We usually use this time to check out 10GHz
and Up gear and make
a few contacts. 

Since trying to work anyone on 10GHz portable past 10-11AM is nearly
unbearable due to the heat, 
how would you feel about moving our meeting time up to 11:30AM and using
Saturday morning to make 
10GHz and Up contacts? We could meet at George's QTH for pizza lunch and a
short meeting to adjourn ~3pm. Don't forget to bring along some blank QSL
cards for those who need them and of course your 10GHz and Up gear if you
need something checked out.

I remember we were out last year at KI4NPV's & BZY's and tried to make a few
contacts. The heat about wiped the old guys out.

Comments, yea or nay?

Walter K4HV

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