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$250 each! Yes its a fraction of what they cost new but wasn't long agothese were had for $50. Its a shame but I agree with Walt. If youdon't have a GPS controlled 10 MHz source, here is your chance. They may not becheaper next time they show up. Other guidelines: A decent 10 MHz clock that you can discipline (if you want to roll your own) are at best just under$200 each new single piece. Then add the GPS receiver, a PIC or two and somesoftware. Unless you desire the engineering challenge, it would cost a lot moreto make your own unless your junk box is stocked! There are a few designspublish in QEX and such if you need some details of what it takes to make onebut if you have any interest at all, the $250 is not a bad price. I bought myHP3801A for $125. If you can find them now they are over $600, maybe more. 

Good find Walt!

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